Building a SaaS Foundation

Successful technology start-ups involve incredible ideas, long hours, short deadlines, and small teams of incredible talent. Given the relative ease to build, support, and manage Software as a Service this is where many start-up companies grow quickly.

IaaS Systems for SaaS StartupsThe technology hurdles in deploying a new SaaS App involve the minor decisions which are made as an app begins to scale. In the initial stages apps have bugs, need patches, and time is wisely spent on perfecting the app. It’s at this point that development teams should force conversation regarding how they plan to grow their application. Most teams rely on cloud computing for the scalable environment and variety of ready-to-integrate services. ServedBy provides the on-demand baseline which allows users to choose and control their own Platform, Network, Enterprise Operating System, and Hybrid Models which best fit our client’s needs. As an app scales IaaS enables users to choose their own architecture, provider(s), and maintain complete control over their business continuity. To learn more, please contact us and register for a  Serve By cloud workshop.